Biographical information about ancient Roman athletes is scattered across inscriptions in museum collections, mentions in literary sources, and graffiti on ancient walls, to name a few.  To date, no successful effort has collected the information contained in all these sources into one place.  The ultimate intention is to create such a repository, Mundus Recreationum, Latin for “World of the Diversionists.”  Agitatorum – Latin for “[The thing] of the charioteers” – is a pilot project exploring one possible display method.  Agitatorum tests the feasibility of the TimeMapper plug-in for WordPress developed by Open Source Knowledge Labs for displaying the current state of knowledge regarding origins, career ranges, and other surviving information of Roman athletes, employing a sample of charioteers whose attestations range from epigraphic to literary sources.  Agitatorum has yielded useful information regarding the strengths and limitations of the tool, especially regarding the depiction of uncertainty, which will inform the planning of Mundus Recreationum.

Click here to meet the charioteers.

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